10 absolute reasons why Gallop Travel expeditions to India are just for you

Our mission is to encourage you to change. Sounds too serious? Once you decide to go for horse riding expedition with us, your life will never be the same again.  Gallop Travel guarantees lifetime experience of horse riding, travelling, yoga practise, massages and healthy food.  Only holistic approach to yourself provides you with maximum pleasure and well-being.

You can ride endlessly on the same paddock or fields around your stable, but you can also ride to the places you have never dreamt of visiting and the one that can be reached only on horses.

All well-prepared, taken-care off and ready to accompany you in your dream tour – Marwari horses aged between 4 and 10 years, distinguished by slim hips, crescent ears, long hair. They are tall and energetic, and amazingly soft to touch. They are beautiful to look at, and a dream to ride on. Bred only in India as war horses, their stamina and willingness to go is evident from the start.

There is no better place in the world to practise yoga than Indie. Then let yourself learn the history of it, how to breathe and meditate, get to know basic and more advanced asanas, so that even if you are not a yoga enthusiast at the moment, after this expedition, you will become.

Realize if you need anything more than being close to nature, riding horses, doing yoga, having massages and tasting new culture and cuisine…

In the land of extra ordinary and beautifully scented spices, freshly prepared vegetarian local cuisine fulfils your senses and stomach.

During Gallop Travel Expeditions we provide you sightseeing of Rajasthan in a nutshell – one of the most beautiful and unique regions of India. You’ll have a chance to see great monuments such as Jagar ji and Ranakpur Jain temples, the Castle Mewar in Udaipur,  Kumbhalgarh fort etc.

Though it is hard to imagine more comfortable saddle than those used in India, late afternoon combined with empowering yoga session and massage let you relax to the full and the feel the comfort.

There is no price you can’t pay for your well-being and health. After an excellent anti-stress therapy, maximum relax and recharge of the batteries, maybe it’s worth to look at your life with new view and appreciation.

This is all you can get after GALLOP TRAVEL EXPEDITION.  Remember that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  (Tao Te Ching) Take that now and join us!

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