The UNIQUENESS of Icelandic horse

There is no turning back after riding an Icelandic horse..

Horse tradition in Mongolia

Did you know that nowadays Mongolia is possibly the most equestrian nation in the world? Read more about this amazing horse culture in the world.

The gallop spirit

Though there are innumerate horse riding trails, stables, horses, areas, places to go horse riding, I still claim that you can nowhere else feel the spirit of horse riding and fast gallops like in Poland.

Time Travel to the Wild Wild West

Wouldn’t be interesting to go back in time to the scenery of western saloons, American cowboys and Appaloosa, Paint and Quarter horses? We found such place in Europe!
Hard to believe? Not at all, cause every single detail is hand-made and based on
the American Western style.

10 absolute reasons why Gallop Travel expeditions to India are just for you

Remember that “a journey of
a thousand miles begins with
a single step”.

Take that now and join us!

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