Checklist before Gallop Travel expedition


  •      sachet
  •      breeches (at least 2 pairs)
  •      riding boots
  •      fine socks
  •      chaps
  •      gloves
  •      optionally equestrian vest
  •      light or dry-fit t-shirt (easy to be washed)
  •      water and windproof jacket with a hood (i.e. softshell)
  •      helmet or other head cover (hat or headscarf)
  •      pocket flask
  •      mobile phone (if necessary)
  •      sunglasses
  •      sunscreen cream (min. spf 30), lip balm
  •      secret pocket


  • rucksack or travel bag (60 l) (as a main luggage)
  • small rucksack (20-30 l) (as a handbag, used for sightseeing/shopping)
  • light fleece (100 lub 200), blouse or shirt
  • light long trousers
  • short trousers, T-shirts with short sleeves
  • underwear, swimsuit, quick-dry lightweight towel
  • sandals or sport mules, light summer shoes
  • headlamp, batteries
  • charger, powerbank (solar), camera
  • personal hygienic accessories, wet wipes, dry shampoo, hairbrush
  • pen
  • needle and thread
  • small washing liquid and rope with clips
  • passport and money (in waterproof pocket) + passport xerox copy of the photo and data page sent to the the expedition
  • vaccine book
  • basic personal medicines such as painkillers, aspirin,gastric medicines and disinfectant, sterile swabs, elasticated bandage, plasters.
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