Gallop Expeditions to Mongolia

Horse riding in Terelj National park and experience of traditional Mongolian nomadic lifestyle.

Mongolia Express

14 - 21 July 2020


9.00 pick up from Ulaanbaatar airport and drive to the base camp (Ger-Yurt)
10.00 sightseeing stop at Manizer Monastery on the way
14.00 lunch
15.00 some basic horse riding around the camp
17.00 rest afternoon at the camp
19.00 dinner and riders’ integration
8.00 breakfast
8.30 drive to the Terelj National Park
10.00 on the road, stop at the Turtle rock, and visit to the Aryabal Monastery
12.00 on the horse! Horse riding to the Nomadic Family next to the Tuul river14.00 lunch time
15.00 arrival at the ger camps
17.00 traditional Mongolian BBQ and experience of Mongolian hospitality
9.00 breakfast
10.00 on the horse! riding through the forest and the terrain of the wildest part of the area
13.00 lunch time
14.00 ride to Gvnjin Sum( Princess temple)
18.00 arrival at the campsite nearby
19.00 dinner and rider’s free time
9.00 breakfast
10.30 on the horse! Cross the Dund Bayan mountains and ride along the edge of the Khan Khentii Mountain Range
13.00 lunch time
14.00 ride to the Valley of the Dund Bayan River
19.00 dinner and bivouac in the Valley of the Dund Bayan River.
9.00 breakfast
10.30 on the horse! We will cross a mountain pass
13.00 lunch time next to the Tuul River
14.00 ride along the Tuul River
17.00 arrival at campsite
19.00 dinner and bivouac
9.00 breakfast
10.30 on the horse! riding to the Nomadic family
13.00 farewell to the horses and lunch time
14.00 drive to Tsonjin Boldog, Chinggis Khaan’s giant Equestrian Statue
19.00 drive back to Ulaanbaatar city, drop off at the hotel
price: 950 EURO
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Important information


  • Travel insurance including horse riding during whole trip
  • All the accommodation
  • Full board with water, tea/coffee
  • Entrance tickets
  • Archery play
  • Pick up and drop off


The provided dates of the horse expeditions can be changed due to unfavourable weather conditions or any circumstances occurred regardless of Gallop Travel. The alternative dates will be then scheduled or money refund will be guaranteed.

If you cannot adjust your time timetable to our dates but you have few friends who ride with you, we can organize tailor-made trail for your team. Please contact us.

Required equipment

Rider’s Equipment

  •      sachet
  •      breeches (at least 2 pairs) or jodhpurs
  •      fine socks
  •      chaps, gloves, optionally equestrian vest
  •      light or dry-fit T-shirt (easy to be washed)
  •      water and windproof jacket with a hood (i.e. softshell)
  •      helmet or other head cover (hat or headscarf)
  •      pocket flask
  •      mobile phone (if necessary)
  •      sunglasses
  •      sunscreen cream (min. SPF 30), lip balm
  •      secret pocket

Luggage Content

  • rucksack or travel bag (60 l) (as a main luggage)
  • small rucksack (20-30 l) (as a handbag, used for sightseeing/shopping)
  • light fleece (100 lub 200), blouse or shirt
  • light long trousers
  • short trousers, T-shirts with short sleeves
  • underwear, swimsuit, quick-dry lightweight towel
  • sandals or sport mules, light summer shoes
  • headlamp, batteries
  • charger, powerbank (solar), camera
  • personal hygienic accessories, wet wipes, dry shampoo, hairbrush
  • pen
  • needle and thread
  • small washing liquid and rope with clips
  • passport and money (in waterproof pocket) + passport xerox copy of the photo and data page sent to the the expedition
  • vaccine book
  • basic personal medicines such as painkillers, aspirin,gastric medicines and disinfectant, sterile swabs, elasticated bandage, plasters.



Horses Horses

Most Mongolian horses that you will come across are ponies by European standards (less than 1.5 shoulder height) but these animals are really tough. They have tremendous reserves of energy for work and can carry heavy loads for long periods. That is the reason why Chinggis Khaan’s cavalry was the most powerful in the world at one time.

Horses Equestrian skills

This activity requires you to be experienced in horse riding and fit enough to enjoy and take advantage of the ride.

Horses English speaking guide

All our partners are being carefully selected to ensure safety and the best service possible. They are there for you to make sure you are comfortable during the entire ride, to share stories, legends and to show you the most fascinating places.

Horses Accomodation

Being close to the nature in an environmentally friendly conditions is the perfect solution while horse riding. Most of the nights will be spent at the tents but also when we are the base camp, stay in shared Gers  (yurt or traditional Mongolian accommodation which is furnished with beds and traditional style of tables and chairs.

Horses Local cuisine

During all our trips you are provided with an excellent freshly prepared local food.

Horses Local culture

During the entire horseback tour you will be exposed to local customs, Nomadic lifestyle, music, rituals and even different eating manners. Travel broadens the mind.

Horses Route details

During the entire expedition you’ll have a chance to see the Terelj national park located at the east of Ulaanbaatar city. It has open steppes and scenic alpine mountains with taiga forest as well as lots of rivers. The National park southern valley has some ger camps and touristic area but we will ride far north from most people visit.


Horses Special attractions

Horse riding is the perfect way to see the true Mongolia; to see the nomadic life style first hand and to become part of the wilderness, to feel the countries unique heritage and great history. The Mongols have a long and lively equestrian tradition.

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