Gallop Expeditions Poland

The four-day horse trail to Northern Poland provides you with the excellent opportunity for fast gallops in the idyllic scenery of Polish forests.
The great adventure, delicious local food, stay at the stable is a proven stress-out.

The Gallop Spirit

04 - 07 June 2020


The day before the ride arrival at the stable around 20.00 pm for welcome dinner and integration.

The trails will be amongst the forests of Bory Tucholskie in the scenery of beautiful lakes and rivers. Everyday a new trail is chosen.

The distance covered per day is around 35km and min 5-6 hours in the saddle.

The pace of the ride is adjusted to the riders’ skills and wishes but for sure there is an opportunity for fast gallops.

DAY 1 - 04.06.2020
The Trail: Huta (horses’ swimiming) - Nowy Sumin - Kowalskie Błota - L. Szczuczanek - Krzywogoniec

8.30 – 9.15 introduction to yoga sessions.
9.30 breakfast
10.00 horse assignment + horse preparation
11.00 on the horse!
13.00 lunch time in nature
17.00 arrival at the stable + horse feeding
19.00 dinner
20.00 Riders’ integration by the campfire
DAY 2 - 05.06.2020
The Trail: Lwiec - Wierzchlas - Błądzim – Iwiec

8.00 morning wake-up yoga session.
9.00 breakfast
10.00 on the horse!
13.00 lunch time in nature or in a pub
17.00 arrival at the STABLE + horse feeding
19.00 dinner
20.00 Riders’ common time
DAY 3 - 06.06.2020
The Trail: Wierzchucin Stary - L. Sarnówek - Lisiny - Homer - Suchom

8.00 morning wake-up yoga session.
9.00 breakfast
10.00 on the horse!
13.00 lunch time in nature
17.00 arrival at the stable + horse feeding
19.00 dinner
20.00 Riders’ common time
DAY 4 - 07.06.2020
The Trail: Lubińsk - Trzebciny - Goły Jon - Trzebciny - Szklana Huta - Wrzosowisko

8.00 morning wake-up yoga session.
9.00 breakfast
10.00 on the horse!
13.00 lunch time in nature
16.00 arrival at the stable
16.30 farewell dinner

The End of the Horse Tour

* The day schedule can be adjusted to the riders’ needs and convenience. It’s possible to organize also everning relaxing yoga sessions for the interested.
The Gallop Spirit
price: 465 EURO
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Important information


  • Travel insurance including horse riding during the whole trip
  • Accommodation at the stable
  • Half-board at the stable (take-away snacks and sandwiches prepared by the riders during breakfast according to their preferences)
  • Warm lunches during the horse tours can be provided at extra cost


  • Transport costs
  • Alcoholic drinks or cold beverages in the evening (can be provided at extra cost)
  • Warm lunches during the horse tours

The region of Bory Tucholskie provides an excellent opportunity for walking or bicycle riding so if your family members are non-riders but you would like to spend family holiday together bring them with you.

The provided dates of the horse expeditions can be changed due to unfavourable weather conditions or any circumstances occurred regardless of Gallop Travel. The alternative dates will be then scheduled or money refund will be guaranteed.

If you cannot adjust your time timetable to our dates but you have few friends who ride with you, we can organize tailor-made trail for your team. Please contact us.

Required equipment

Rider’s Equipment

  • sachet
  • breeches (at least 2 pairs) and jodhpurs
  • fine socks
  • chaps, gloves, optionally equestrian vest
  • light or dry-fit T-shirt (easy to be washed)
  • water and windproof jacket with a hood (i.e. softshell)
  • helmet
  • pocket flask
  • mobile phone (if necessary)
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen cream (min. SPF 30), lip balm
  • secret pocket

Luggage Content

  • rucksack or travel bag (60 l) (as a main luggage)
  • small rucksack (20-30 l) (as a handbag, used for sightseeing/shopping)
  • sleeping bag
  • warm fleece (100 lub 200), blouse or shirt (depending on the season)
  • long trousers
  • T-shirts with short and long sleeves
  • underwear, swimsuit, quick-dry lightweight towel
  • leggings and T-shirt for yoga
  • sport mules, shoes/trainers
  • headlamp, batteries
  • charger, powerbank (solar), camera
  • personal hygienic accessories, wet wipes, dry shampoo, hairbrush
  • mosquito repellent
  • penknife
  • pen
  • needle and thread
  • small washing liquid and rope with clips
  • passport/ID card and money
  • basic personal medicines such as painkillers, aspirin, gastric medicines and disinfectant, sterile swabs, elasticated bandage, plasters.



Horses Horses

Various kinds of horses: Polish half bred horses, Shetland ponies, Haflingers – all being tailored for the rider’s experience and preferences.

Horses Equestrian skills

On the first day every participant is being asked about their height/weight and riding experience to be able to allocate the right horse to the right person. Then the perfect relation and friendship with horse can be made.

Horses English-speaking guide

The horse treks are guided by experienced and knowledgeable stable members who make sure the riders are safe and comfortable during the entire ride.

Horses Accomodation

The comfortable ensuite rooms in the stable are waiting for you. For the most courageous and challenge demanding riders night over the hay is possible.

Horses Local cuisine

The hosts welcome you with the variety of beautifully served local dishes, mainly prepared from wild meat but vege version can be also made.

Horses Yoga

Imagine morning wake-up yoga practise on the grass or in a beautifully located open summer house, 5-6 hour trip on the horse, being complemented with an evening relaxing stretching or yoga lessons – maximum pleasure and total relax.

Horses Local culture

“The world is a country which nobody ever yet knew by description; one must travel through it one’s self to be acquainted with it.”

Lord Chesterfield

 Travel broadens the mind.

Horses Route details

The routes lead around the stable through picturesque forests and lands views. The distance covered a day will be around 35 km, min. 5h on the horseback. The day destination is usually different.

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