Dream Holidays in Crete

There are infinite opportunities to spend holidays nowadays depending on people’s preferences, habits, ways of lifestyle etc. and holidays in the saddle where you can both ride a horse and learn carriage driving and relax in a sunny landscape of Greek beaches at the Cretan Sea sounds like a perfect destination and variation from standard all-inclusive holidays or family or friends’ camping in nature.

About the program

Gallop Travel found a stable where you can spend dream holidays in Greece and learn or improve some of the activities you didn’t realize you are capable of doing. Certainly you cannot get bored during this time. The six-day program has been carefully prepared and offered for horse lovers of any levels: beginners, advanced riders or non-riders. It includes horse riding lessons biteless, carriage riding through the picturesque traditional village of Old Hersonissos and Koutouloufari, carriage driving lessons for interested, natural horsemanship workshops and simple enjoyable relax at the seaside.

Riders can go for a 5-6h trek to the mountains or longer ride to the beach, where you can have a chance to walk, trot and canter both in English or Western style of riding.

About the holidays

The Cretan holidays in the saddle are both for individuals who would like to meet and make friends, group of friends who would like to visit Crete and do a bit of sightseeing on a horseback, but also families with children and non-riding members of the family because there are many ways of spending free time and recharge the batteries.

About the horses

Their beauty and long manes are impressive. Their friendly attitude and behaviour makes them an ideal partner for longer treks and horse riding lessons. The beloved and well-cared for Haflinger horses are beautiful to look at and ride. Come and meet them all: Isabella, Gudy, Avra, Relena, Aramis, Artax.

About special attractions

Additionally, you will have also a chance to get to know Monty Roberts techniques of working with a horse such as join-up, double-lounge and riding without a bit and saddle.

What impressed us the most – Gallop Travel team – was learning carriage driving beginning with a pony, donkey and then one and two-horse carriage. As it was said, you need to have golden hands in order to be good at it, however it brings so much fun that we will remember it long long after.

About the cuisine

The stable owners have also the restaurant at the premises of the stable where typical Greek specialities are being served. Their lifelong experience, hospitality and horse passion can be noticed from very beginning, what makes your stay there the unique adventure.


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