Time Travel to the Wild Wild West

Wouldn’t be interesting to go back in time to the scenery of western saloons, American cowboys and Appaloosa, Paint and Quarter horses? We found such place in Europe! Hard to believe? Not at all, cause every single detail is hand-made and based on the American Western style.

Our four-day expedition allows you to ride on the great American breed horses in a western style where you either walk or gallop – there is nothing between that – amongst mountains, valleys, fields and reaching the peaks on the horse! Breath-taking views, lands of immense areas give you the sense of freedom like nowhere else.

The Western City in a nutshell began its history years ago. The owner being inspired by wild wild west decided to recreate almost everything he could on the basis of what he saw in American museums, films, newspapers and books. In his workshop he creates masterpieces such as saddles, leather travel bags, hats, anything you can imagine. With his wonderful wife, a woman of many talents including blacksmithing, shirt sewing have bred and trained horses which live in harmony with nature on the area of 70 ha without the stable and drink water from the mountain brook.

Once you are here, there are three amazing buildings to stay in. The summer tepee, the post and two-floor apartment all hand made in wood and decorated with every single detail. You can cook on the fire oven which provides also heat. There is a separate building with a shower, toilet and basin with hot water provided that you fire up the stove. For the maximum pleasure and total relax in the evening there is a chance also to use sauna house with a bath of freezing cold water from the spring.

The trails around the picturesque mountains and valleys spread endlessly and give the opportunity for climbing but also fast gallops. The horses are calm, non-prancing, non-biting, well prepared, born to climb and walk through the stones, rivers and sometimes hard ground. Even if you are not a western-style rider, the main principle is not to disturb the horse and trust him. During the trail riding horses are accompanied by a dog of extra ordinary endurance and no attention towards cars.

Especially for you, we decided also to bring some fun and energy in the evenings such as amazing shows of western-style riding, horse and rider’s dexterity or mounted archery. All being organized depending on the artists availability and weather conditions.

All in all, the western style Gallop Travel expeditions called Pale Rider’s Trails are an excellent gateway from everyday routine and guarantee effective anti-stress therapy. On our website you can find only some dates but if you wish to come any other time, just let us know. The expeditions are organized from April till November, for min 3 riders. Check our offer

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