The gallop spirit

Though there are innumerate horse riding trails, stables, horses, areas, places to go horse riding, I still claim that you can nowhere else feel the spirit of horse riding and fast gallops like in Poland. In the beautiful scenery of Polish fields, villages, evergreen forests, lakes and rivers you ride a horse and know that you are in the right place with the right people.

The horse riding in Poland every year becomes more and more popular. Non-riders buy horses to admire them and sometimes still to work with them, riders buy them to have opportunity for independent trainings and trail riding, stables buy horses and train people.  But there are people who knew from the very beginning, that horses are their way of life and breed them, care for them and organize for us unforgettable adventures. We are so happy that we found such.

20 years ago the owner of the stable decided to buy the land and invest all her money, time into horses. She seems like she has never regretted it. She built the beautiful stable where you can stay in one of the 46 cosy ensuite rooms and enjoy traditional Polish cuisine in a lounge with a fireplace. There is also a place to have barbecue, practise wake-up yoga session in the beautifully located arbor, play beach volleyball and badminton, train in the gym and play ping pong. It is a great place also for non-riders or riders with families and animals such as I am, My main reason to visit the stable was of course the bunch of 35 wonderful Polish half bred horses, Shetland ponies, Haflingers – all being tailored for the rider experience and preferences. One cannot forget also the guide being the family member who conducts every horseback tour there – his ability to sense the needs and skills of the group ensures the riders to have the utmost pleasure of horse riding. Not to mention also his good mood and sense of humour always.

The trails around the 18ha area of the stable go through the fields, forests, along rivers and lakes. The landscape is not to be repeated and forgotten. In summer time there is also organized swimming with horses as the additional attraction for those who have never experienced it or those who simply like it. The break during the horse tour is always chosen for the riders’ convenience so that they could relax and have something to eat and of course for the horses benefit. Non-riding family members can join riders on the bikes or by car. In the evenings riders enjoy common time by the fire, listening to music or dancing.

Because we truly believe that yoga practise help people to release from everyday tensions, stress and body limits, morning yoga sessions can be organized for interested. Even if you are not a yoga enthusiast now, let yourself give it a try. Exciting horse riding combined with relaxing yoga and good fun in the evenings constitute the great basis for successful holidays!

One does not need more than horses to travel, being close to nature with a warm breeze on his/her face during long gallops, the company of other riders to share the horse riding passion and of course good food. It is definitely what we can guarantee you in GALLOP TRAVEL EXPEDITIONS.

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